METAFAST supports the Italian Quantum Weeks in the interactive exhibition “Dire l’indicibile: la sovrapposizone quantistica”.

The Italian Quantum Weeks are a set of events promoted by Italian engineers, physicists, science communicators and educators for the first World Quantum Day (14 April 2022). The aim is to raise awareness of the quantum world and the opportunities that the quantum revolution is bringing. The events will focus on:

Quantum mechanics, the set of laws that governs the world of atoms and elementary particles, which has upset our way of conceiving reality with its fascinating oddities.
Quantum technologies, based on the use of quantum mechanics in everyday life applications, which are driving a new technological revolution that we must understand and manage.

To this aim, a set of events has been organized in several Italian cities, the exhibition “Dire l’indicibile: la sovrapposizione quantistica”, workshops, talks, guided tours in research labs, the competition of Quantum Creativity “suggestioni quantistiche”.
Details and the constantly updated program can be found at https://www.quantumweeks.it

The DoKDoK is a scientific conference for doctoral (PhD) and master students in all areas of Optics and Photonics organized by a team of doctoral students of the Abbe School of Photonics of the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. The conference aims to help young researchers to connect with each other, exchange knowledge, and polish their conference presentation skills by offering an authentic atmosphere for scientific exchange at eye level. Unlike former DoKDoK-events, the pandemic situation required that this year the conference was run as a hybrid format allowing for live and online participation.

During the event Dr. Falk Eilenberger (Figure 1), the responsible of Jena for the project METAFAST, who was invited by the students to present about his research field and the METAFAST project.

Figure 1